Research Services

My expertise centers around improving the experience of maternity care for all people - with a focus addressing complex systemic issues. Rooted in critical feminist theory and grounded in tenants of reproductive justice theory, I hope to use my training and privilege to create greater depth and understanding of the healing potential of care. I choose to work on projects that are oriented to create equity and justice for historically marginalized communities. I am also committed to centering midwifery care as a radical profession that, with reckoning and reclamation, can serve to provide authentic person-centered, relational care to childbearing people and families.

Research & Advocacy Consultancies:

  • NYU Population Health

  • Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

  • Touch Foundation

  • Center for Healthcare Strategies

  • NYU Meyers College of Nursing 

  • NYC Department of Health and Hygiene - Division of Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

If interested, please contact me