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Paolo Patruno - Birth In Africa

Amazingly poweful work.

The power and force of labor is NOT different for any woman. Our bodies are equal in their fortitude and reslience - especially during childbirth. But as you will witness in this video by Paolo Patruno - the circumstances around the birth are significantly different depending on country, class, resource and poverty.

I have worked in countries where women come with nothing, perhaps having walked for 8 hours to get to the maternity center in anticipation of their delivery, laboring where they can, sometimes being treated with disregard and sometimes with dignity.

And though we have access to many more services, technology and interventions - the experience in its rawness is the same. Perhaps we too have surrendered some of our power in childbirth - but I hope to inspire you to claim your pregnancy and childbirth as a time ripe with the potential of realizing your own feminine power.

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